November 3rd 2021
Not only was Jesus’ blood a much better offering than that of animals, but the human heart is a much better tabernacle than one made by human hands. We as Christians contain the Holy Spirit and are each tabernacles of the living God. If this is true, then the implications for the church of how we worship and where we do mission are huge!     
October 28th 2021
When something becomes obsolete, it is usually because the manufacturer has come up with something new and improved to replace it with.  The same was true with the covenant that God made with Abram years ago.  After the Law was sent, it was obvious that God’s people couldn’t live up to the rules and regulations it provided for holy living.  So, God made a new and better covenant with us but this time His Son, Jesus, would satisfy the conditio
October 21st 2021
Melchizedek was a high priest in the Old Testament, who would have been easy to miss the significance of if we didn’t dig deeper.  Closer look, however, tells us that not only was he a high priest of the Most High God, he was also a foreshadow of Jesus Christ who was to come.  Curious? Check out this past week’s sermon. If for some reason you missed this message you can find it at
October 11th 2021
The writer of Hebrews makes it clear that Jesus alone, over anything or anyone in the created order, was able to fill the role of our Great High Priest.  As a sinless person, he was able to serve not only as the Great High Priest, but as the perfect sacrifice for the sin of all humanity.  And if Jesus’ spirit lives in each of us, then there is a role for us in his priesthood as well.   One question remains…what part are
October 4th 2021
If we knew that we’d be persecuted for our faith in Christ, I’d think that we should be certain what we believe about Jesus so that we could stand firmly amidst the storm.  The Book of Hebrews provides just that by fortifying our faith in Jesus as our Prophet, our Priest, our King, and our God. Yes, he was just like us in our humanity, but he was so much more as God among us.   If for some reason you missed this message you can find it at&nbs
September 30th 2021
Jesus said, that we don’t receive from God because we don’t ask and that when we do ask we ask it is often with wrong motives.  James reminds us that God invites us to bring our prayers and concerns right before his throne with confidence believing that God will hear us and answer us in his time and his way…for the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective!   If for some reason you missed this message you
September 21st 2021
The issue behind so many of our social problems is that we value the wisdom of the world over that which comes from God above.  The world’s wisdom steeped in selfishness leads to quarrels and fights.  Whereas God’s wisdom brings love, peace, and joy.  James tells us that if we need wisdom, that we should ask God, and God will give it to us generously.  
September 13th 2021
The Apostle James tells us that a faith without deeds is dead.  It’s not that we can earn God’s love by what we do.  No!  The Gospel is clear that God loves his children regardless of what we do or don’t do. But James doesn’t mince words when he tells us that good deeds done in Jesus’ spirit authenticate the faith that one professes to have.  Without those deeds, our faith simply cannot grow and have the impact in the w
September 9th 2021
As Christians we are not immune to trials common to all humankind.  How we respond to these trials, however, is what sets us apart from those without hope.  The Gospel encourages us to choose joy because we know that God uses our trials to form Jesus’ character and the fruit of the spirit in us.  Join us this week in person or online as we continue learning from James, Jesus’ half-brother and disciple, as we hear the impor
September 2nd 2021
As we journeyed this summer, with the Rev. Dr. Geordie Zeigler, into the country of Grace, we learned five things. First, in the country of grace only little children can enter. Second, God is Father before he is Creator. Thirdly, we are included in the life and love of the Trinity. Fourthly, A response of faith is necessary and important. Lastly, we come to know as we are known -- in a relationship. You can watch this sermon on our website,