August 17th 2022
Sometimes I think we get the wrong image of God as an angry judge who throws a gavel at us whenever we do something wrong.  Scripture, however, paints a much kinder image of God as a benevolent parent who lovingly holds us accountable, not to punish us, but to restore our relationships with himself, ourselves, others, and all of creation. At the same time, God also expects us to pursue justice and make other people’s problems, our problems. But how? Tha
August 3rd 2022
It doesn't always seem like we fit in as we wrestle with God and wonder why He brought us here, wherever we currently are.  But as we learn our identity is to be that of "child of God," one who is "poor in spirit," we accept that the kingdom of heaven is ours.  We experience God's presence, His love, and especially His grace.  We can say, "God's got this!"
July 25th 2022
Today we wrapped up our series on Wrestling with God.  Over the past three months, we’ve explored how many people in the Bible wrestled with God through their grief, doubt, fear, and uncertainty.  We learned about something called the Dark Night of the Soul where our knowing comes from unknowing.  Though God often seems hidden in the dark night, we were also encouraged to welcome it when it comes and to embrace the lessons that God aims
July 18th 2022
I don’t know about you, but it is not easy when God messes up some plans that I have painstakingly invested a lot time, energy, and emotion creating.  I think we’ve all experienced that in some way or another during these past two COVID years.  But what I’ve learned is that as we wrestle with God’s plans for us and we yield to his will, they always turn out better than I could have ever dreamed or imagined.  
July 11th 2022
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June 29th 2022
Throughout this series on Wrestling with God, we have explored many ways that we may question God’s presence in our lives. Sometimes that can come from our life circumstances, grief, and loss, or maturing in ways when we learn that our relationship with God changes throughout our lives. I hope that we’ve all been encouraged that by the stories of many people in the Bible who wrestled with God and were changed for the better as a result of their s
June 20th 2022
Whether we think we are too young or too old, sometimes God calls us to do things or go places that don’t make sense to our human understanding.  In these cases, we have to step out in faith trusting that the God who calls will also equip us and go with us as we go.  Both Abraham and Sarah wrestled with their age as they wrestled with God’s call and promise that they would be parents to the nations. 
June 6th 2022
Today we consider the Old Testament prophet Jonah and how he wrestled with bringing the Gospel to a people he considered unworthy of God’s favor.  We see how the consequence of his disobedience not only affected him but also unbelievers in his midst.  It is also Pentecost when we celebrate the sending of the Holy Spirit to Jesus’ disciples who were then empowered to take this Gospel to every tribe and nation around the world.  
May 31st 2022
Doubting Thomas is a disciple of Jesus that often gets a bad rap.  And yet I think Thomas bravely asks questions that many of us are afraid to ask. “We don’t know where you are going. How can I believe in Jesus’ resurrection without seeing the proof?”   Wrestling with faith and doubt is deeply interconnected with our wrestling with God.  This may not a losing of faith, but a maturing journey that many faithf
May 16th 2022
There are numerous examples in scripture of Godly people who were fearful of what God had called them to do or to say.  Jeremiah the Prophet was one of them.  Though he was young and inexperienced, God called him to warn his people of some pretty hard stuff.   If fear is a natural response to an external threat that may hurt or harm us, how do we handle it and act accordingly as a people of hope.  That is what we address today in our ser