March 13th 2023
Jesus wasn’t so concerned with physical blindness as he was spiritual blindness.  Yes, he healed people of their physical impairment, but it was often in the context of those who failed to see Jesus as the Messiah or the gravity of their own sin.  The Bible tells us that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s intended glory.  The truth is that sometimes our sin erects barriers for others from receiving the free gifts of God&rsq
March 7th 2023
Jesus’ kingdom is a top-down kingdom where those who are often first will be last, and those who typically serve will be served.  This is a reminder to his followers that we are called to go and do likewise. We are to take on the nature of a servant who goes where called and who serves as is needed. Where are you serving?
February 21st 2023
The Gospel of Mark tells the story of when Jesus was transfigured or changed from the Son of Man to the Son of God.  Not only was there a physical transformation, but there was a spiritual change of authority from the Old Testament Law and Prophets to the Words of Jesus.  It’s not that what came before was discarded, it was fulfilled by Jesus.  So, everything we hear in the Law, the Prophets, and the World now needs to be filtered through the Words and Mi
February 13th 2023
In the Synoptic Gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, Jesus predicts his death three times.  While it was certainly hard for his early disciples to hear, we understand it as Good News.  But how?
February 6th 2023
Salvation is a gift of grace that we receive by faith in Jesus Christ.  The Gospel is clear that there is nothing we can do to earn our way into the kingdom of God.  Not our good works.  Not our money.  Not even our “good” religious stature. It is a gift.  As we come empty handed before God, Jesus promises to fill us with life and life to the full.  
January 30th 2023
In America, we like the big, the strong, and the powerful.  Big cars.  Big houses.  Big churches.  Strong economies.  And powerful leaders.  But Jesus seems to indicate that God works through the little things in life.  The weak, the lowly, the insignificant.  Maybe the reason we sometimes struggle to find God is because we are often looking in the wrong places.      
January 24th 2023
If you've ever been touched by someone who committed suicide, you know that it leaves more questions than answers.  More pain than peace.  And unfinished grief that lasts a lifetime.  In today's message, we hear God's vision for Jesus spoken over him just before Jesus himself was tempted by Satan to commit suicide. God said, "You are my Son.  Whom I love. And with you I am well pleased."  
January 4th 2023
Epiphany is when we celebrate the magi who came seeking Baby Jesus born King of the Jews.  Around 200 AD, folklore made them three kings according to the number of gifts they brought.  But in reality, these were Persian astrologers, astronomers, and scientists familiar with both the Jewish prophecies about the Messiah’s birth and uncommon astrological occurrences believed to indicate the birth of a new king.  Interesting how these pagan seekers fo
December 29th 2022
Throughout this Christmas season, I have been struck by the word wonder in the Christmas story.  Joseph wondered.  Elizabeth wondered.  Mary wondered.  And the shepherds wondered.  In other words, they were each curious about the Good News of Jesus' birth which the Angel Gabriel had told them.  Wonder simply means that they didn’t have to have everything sorted out or set about what they believed.  They simply n
December 19th 2022
We all need encouragement.  When Mary was newly pregnant with Jesus, she had her older cousin Elizabeth who was also six months pregnant with John the Baptist.  The story tells us that upon greeting Mary at her doorstep, Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.  She welcomed Mary in such a way that encouraged her in the way she needed most.  Sometimes, the way we experience God in others is through the way they act as encouragers in our