October 31st 2022
Last words of testimony can be powerful, particularly when they include words of faith that get passed down from generation to generation.  In 2 Timothy, the Apostle Paul passes down his last words to Timothy, his spiritual son in the faith.  He encourages him to keep guard on what’s important...Jesus Christ, the Messiah who was crucified, risen, and gives us new life today.  This is what he was to protect, guard in his heart, and never let
October 24th 2022
There is belief among some Christians today that God desires health, wealth, and prosperity for all.  It’s known as the Prosperity Gospel, and it was a teaching that had infiltrated the early Church in Ephesus.  Paul warned Timothy of this sort of teaching and commanded him to teach the true Gospel which tells us to desire more of Jesus than of material blessing.  If there were one thing that Paul wanted to leave as final words to Timot
October 17th 2022
In this section of Paul’s Letter to Timothy, he addresses some social constructs that created some issues within the Ephesian Church.  Quite understandably, this early movement broke all sorts of cultural norms by having young and old, Jew and Gentile, slave and free, and male and female worshippers together as one body.  The love they shared for one another had great impact not only within the church but also with those on the outside.
October 3rd 2022
Each year, our Nominating Committee lifts up the names of men and women within the church who they feel God might be calling to serve as Ruling Elders and Deacons.  The Apostle Paul instructs us what qualities and characteristics we should be looking for in people.  It’s a tough list that helps to sift out those who God might be calling to serve, and those God is not.    
September 26th 2022
When read out of context, it would seem that the Apostle Paul in 1 Timothy 2 describes the way that women should behave in the church. But is that really what he meant? Today, we tackle the tough question, “Was Paul Really Against Women Preachers?”  We will look at the spectrum of belief on this topic within the Christian Church of which nobody agrees 100%. We will look at the important back story of what was taking place in E
September 19th 2022
Is it just me or is anyone else finding that it more difficult with each email, text message, phone call or letter to distinguish between what’s real and what is a scam?  Today, we need to be constantly on our guard.  The same thing is true in the Church with folks who take the Gospel of Jesus Christ and distort it.  In this part of Paul’s letter to Timothy, we are reminded of the heart of the Gospel: Jesus Christ came to die f
September 12th 2022
Paul’s letters to his young protege, Timothy, contain some very difficult content to comprehend.  Many faithful Christians have disagreed on the meaning of some of the verses. Indeed, some Christians have even misused verses out of context to support sexism, racism, and even slavery.  Regardless, 1 Timothy contains words of spiritual wisdom that Paul hoped to impart to his young protege who needed to confront false teaching that was&nbs
September 6th 2022
Psalm 139 is one of my favorites of David’s psalms. In it, David acknowledges God’s omnipresence, omniscience, and creativity from the earliest moments of human conception. We may think, of all the billions of people in the world, how can God know us so intimately? That is thinking with our limited human understanding and not with the limitless mind of God. I hope that as you reflect on the words of Psalm 139 for yourself
August 29th 2022
Psalm 112 encourages us to fear the Lord.  Today we dive into what that means and what characteristics the psalmist lays out for one who fears the Lord.  I believe it's about having a healthy respect for God and God’s ways.  That as we live into those ways, it goes well with us, with God, with others, and with all of creation.  
August 25th 2022
One of the things I love about where we live are the beautiful mountains.  Looking up at them reminds me of all our powerful God and that he can handle whatever concerns me at the moment.  Looking down from them reminds me of the journey I’ve taken in life and how God has been with me at every step along the way.  Both views offer a perspective that is unique and may not be experienced if we lived in flat terrain area.   Psalm 103 is all a