July 29th 2021
The Lord allows us to express our doubts. Faith is not the absence of doubt. Faith is acting in obedience to God’s commands even in the face of our doubts. When we act in faith, amazing things happen. 
July 22nd 2021
To know ourselves in Jesus is to know that we are already not guilty, we are justified. In understanding God, everything first goes through the Jesus filter, because we cannot separate the Son from the Father. So, grace does not occur as a reaction to the fall but precedes it. 
July 7th 2021
We have been exploring the country of Grace this summer. And our purpose is to really meet God afresh. Usually we approach God from a self centered perspective, meaning that we are defining God as creator through the perspective of His creations. But as we celebrate the birth of our nation, we should also look to the birth story of our universe, which tells us what God is and what it means to be human.
June 24th 2021
 Rev. Dr. Geordie Zeigler tells us that the word "God" is simply a placeholder for an idea, much like "human" or "dog." If we are to know God, the real living God, we must know Him personally. Personal knowledge comes through: Self-revelation and a shared language. God continually tried to reveal himself to the people of Israel culminating in the person of Jesus. Jesus bridges the fundamental divide between us and God, which is the difference betw
June 17th 2021
 Rev. Dr. Geordie Zeigler tells us that there are two waypoints that are foundational in the country of Grace. First, In the country of grace, only little children can enter. Second, In the country of grace, the gift is the giver.
June 10th 2021
The Rev. Dr. Geordie Zeigler invites us to take a journey with him in our faith as he recounts his own faith journey that took him all over the world, to China, Canada, and Scotland. He asks a simple but significant question, "What is your desire for your relationship with God this summer?"
May 27th 2021
It is the day of Pentecost, a feast day in the Jewish calendar, Jews from all over the world are gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate. The disciples are all gathered together when the Holy Spirit descends upon them. And then the impossible happened. Hear Reverend Phyllis Mueller HR tell us about becoming people of the possible. You can watch this sermon through the YouTube livestream button on our home webpage at https://www.caspres.org
May 20th 2021
It is really difficult to lose someone that you loved.  Our Christian hope is that because Jesus conquered death, we shall too someday.  With that truth planted in our hearts, the sting is taken out of our Goodbyes.  They aren’t as final.  Someday we hope to see our loved ones again.  So, our Goodbyes become really only Goodbye for Now. You can watch this sermon through the YouTube livestream button on our home webpage a
May 11th 2021
Because of the Covid vaccines, it’s amazing how much sweeter this Mother’s Day was than one year ago. As we think about our mothers and give thanks to God for their sacrificial love, let us likewise follow Jesus’ command to love one another sacrificially. And one of the most practical ways we can demonstrate that today is to be vaccinated (if we are able) against the spread of this deadly disease. As we love one another in this way, we will show our
May 6th 2021
On this National Day of Prayer On the first Thursday of each May, the President of the United States calls all Americans to a National Day of Prayer.  And as a country we certainly need all the help we can get.  I pray especially for unity and a willingness to love one another sacrificially despite our differences.  But my heart is more heavy this morning for the country of India.  India desperately needs God’s divine interventi