February 20th 2024
Sometimes we face impossible situations that require faith. The Book of Hebrews tells us that faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.  All God asks is that we do our part of providing a little bit of faith and then trusting that God will do God’s miraculous part.  
February 12th 2024
In our scripture today, Jesus encountered a man who had been invalid for 38 years, sitting by the edge of a healing pool.  Though Jesus knew his story, he still asked him a very pointed question, “Do you want to get well?”  Our immediate response might be, “Duh, that’s why he’s been sitting there for 38 years!”  But underneath the issue, Jesus’ probing question actually uncovers a whole other set of bar
February 5th 2024
Many Christians today operate from either a theology of scarcity or a theology of abundance. What I mean by that is that they either believe that they don’t have enough or that God provides more than they need. Jesus asked his disciples this question as they faced the impossible task of feeding four thousand men, not including the women and children. What started as scarcity turned into abundance as they saw how Jesus took what they could provide and multiplie
January 30th 2024
Jesus was forty more times likely to ask a question than he was to answer one.  One of the first questions he asks his disciples shot right to the heart of all human longing.  “What do you want?”  It’s a question that has much deeper meaning than what we think at face value.  It's a question about remaining.  His questions cause us to look deep in our hearts and consider what is it that we truly long?  How would you an
January 22nd 2024
Even at the early age of 12, Jesus was asking questions. Questions that forced his hearers to deeply consider answers that led to even more profound understandings.  In today’s story, Jesus was left behind at the temple by his family during Passover.  He was found a few days later in the temple sitting at the feet of the rabbis. His question to his parents forces all of us to reconsider our own relationships with our Heavenly Fath
January 11th 2024
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January 5th 2024
Throughout the Christmas season, we’ve been focusing on how a weary world rejoices.  Today, we consider the importance that ritual plays in creating space for the Holy Spirit to work in us when all we can do is cry.  As we live into these sacred rituals, we are led to rejoice once again.  
December 26th 2023
The Gospel of Luke describes how God broke into the weary Roman world with the birth of His Son. This gave all the people reason to rejoice despite their weariness. And so, we too set aside our weariness and make room to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
December 19th 2023
When was the last time you laid on your back and looked up at the stars in awe and wonder?  One theologian said, awe causes us to wonder, and wonder leads us to praise the One who created what is awesome.   In this Christmas season, may we be awe struck by a God who loved us so much, who entered our world as a little child, and who came to save the world from our sins.  
December 11th 2023
We all need encouragement, and it is so important to surround ourselves with people who will share our highs and our lows.  In our scripture story today, we see how Elizabeth was that sort of person for Mary, her much younger cousin.  As Mary received word from the Angel Gabriel that she would soon bear Jesus, the Messiah, God knew that she would need to connect with someone like Elizabeth who would encourage her that her baby was a gift