October 22nd 2020
Out of insecurity and fear, Moses made some demands upon God to reveal himself in that moment.  God agreed, but not in the way that Moses would have expected.  Likewise, we can know that God is with us not by looking to the future or even at the present, but looking back and seeing where God has walked.   You can listen to last week's entire service (50 minutes) or watch the sermon (20 minutes) by clicking on 
October 15th 2020
  One thing we can be certain of is this, whenever two or three are gathered in Jesus name...there will be disagreement.  Anyone who has served on an elder board or ministry team knows this to be true.  Shouldn’t surprise us because it doesn’t surprise God.  The fact is that we each come to the table with our unique experiences, lenses, and biases.  It doesn’t mean that one person is necessarily right and th
October 8th 2020
After watching the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, I was greatly dismayed. It was an international embarrassment and national train wreck. No, it was shameful! How have we let American politics stoop to such lows? This has led me to consider, whose side is God on. Trump’s or Biden’s? The answer in this week’s message may actually surprise us. You can listen to last week's entire service (50 minutes) o
October 1st 2020
the Old Testament Moses points to the coming of Jesus when he brings forth water from a rock. In the same way Jesus gives living water to all who believe in him and who will thirst no more! You can listen to last week's entire service (50 minutes) or watch the sermon (20 minutes) by clicking on http://www.caspres.org/media and looking for “Living Water."  If you'd like to sing along, the weekly w
September 24th 2020
  We have lost so much over these past months. Worst of all has been the ability to both grieve and celebrate the lives of loved ones who have died. Though we mourn these losses, we do so with a seed of eternity planted in our hearts that reminds us that our Goodbyes are really just Goodbye for now. You can listen to last week's entire service (50 minutes) or watch the sermon (20 minutes) by clicking on 
September 14th 2020
  In this season, it feels like we have faced one catastrophic event after another...global pandemic, loss of economic and personal security, closed schools and churches, racial injustice, violent rioting and destruction of our cities, hurricanes, political infighting, and now unprecedented fires that are consuming much of our pristine west coast forests. When will it ever stop? It’s in times like these that looking back at what God has brought us
September 10th 2020
According to the US Surgeon General, America had a loneliness problem long before COVID-19 hit us.  In fact, 20% of Americans reported feeling lonely at some point in their lives.  Other reports indicate that loneliness accounts for a 26% increased risk of premature death.  And with this season of social isolation, we can feel as disconnected as ever.   But the Apostle Paul encourages us that this is not the way it needs to be. &
September 3rd 2020
Recent US Census information reports that 1/3 of Americans are dealing with some degree of depression. Obviously, we are all struggling during this COVID-19 season. Did you know that many great people in the Bible wrestled with depression and sadness as well? Last week, we considered their stories and found God amidst it all, working behind the scenes in ways they never imagined.
August 17th 2020
We all have regrets.  There is always something that wish we hadn’t done or that we’ve left undone.  In a world of endless need, there is always more that we should have done.  But folks, regardless of those shortcomings, know that Jesus never “SHOULDS” on us.  True, he calls us out of our sin to so much more, but he never rubs our sin back in our faces to make us feel that somehow we are never enough for his love.
August 13th 2020
God has wired our human brains to respond to external threats.  And so anxiety and fear are natural human emotions that we all experience. We have all been through a lot in this COVID-19 season.  There are legitimate threats that we need to take into consideration to keep ourselves and others safe.  But we don’t have to frozen in our footsteps.  We do what we can, let go of the rest and know that whatever happens to us that our lives ar