April 1st 2021
Palm Sunday is all about unmet expectations and the subsequent disappointments that they bring. Jesus certainly didn’t meet people’s expectations for a powerful national leader. But he did set them free from something so much more. This has truly been a year of great disappointment. Jesus invites us to lay them at his feet so that he can turn them into so much more! You can watch this sermon through the YouTube livestream button on our home
March 25th 2021
As a dandelion with its seeds is scattered by the wind, so we too are scattered by the Spirit of God to be planted among the lives of others. Like Jesus who sacrificed his life for us, we are called to lay down our lives for others. In doing so we bring glory to God’s holy name! You can watch this sermon through the YouTube livestream button on our home webpage at https://www.caspres.org. And be sure to catch us on livestream or
March 18th 2021
The problem of homelessness in the Pacific Northwest has gotten way out of control. Obviously neither our city, state governments or even the churches are helping in the matter. But what does it take for human flourishing to occur for all people? That’s what we explored in this week’s sermon as we looked at the encounter between Jesus and Nicodemus, a man who had everything but true human flourishing. You can watch this sermon through the YouTube live
March 11th 2021
During Black History Month we’ve shared lots of stories of how Black Presbyterians have greatly impacted our faith today. Their perseverance and determination despite racism in our country encourages us to push on through faith in adversity. We also have seen the beautiful gifts that people who are different than us bring to our lives. Join us as we celebrate that diversity and give thanks to God for the beauty of all of God’s children.
March 4th 2021
Theodore Sedwick Wright was the first black graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary and a pastor of New York City’s First Colored Presbyterian Church.  He also was a founding member of the American Anti-Slavery Society, the Union Missionary Society, and the American Missionary Association.  He was such a loved and respected person that well over 6,000 people walked in his funeral procession in 1847.  Rev. Wright was an extraordinary ex
February 25th 2021
Katherine Johnson was an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church. She was also the genius mathematician and human computer in the movie Hidden Figures whose brilliant calculations got astronaut John Glenn safety into space and back. As an African American woman, her example of fighting racism with determination, intelligence, grace and faith is a tremendous example for us as we strive to be witnesses of equality in our country today! You can wa
February 11th 2021
This month we celebrate the stories of Black Americans who have significantly influenced our faith. The Rev. John Gloucester was one of them. He listened to God’s call for his life, exercised great faith, took huge risks, and trusted God to work it all out. And in 1810 he became the first African American Presbyterian Minister in America. Sweet!!!   You can watch this sermon through the YouTube livestream button on our home webpage a
February 4th 2021
No doubt, this has been a hard year for all of us and it could be really easy to give up hope that anything good could come from it.  Yet as Christians, we believe that it’s when we feel like a valley of dry bones that God breathes new life into us.  If we open up our eyes, we can see signs of that new life all around us.  This week Elder Phil Hickok shared the things in his life for which he is hopeful and pointed to signs of new life that
January 27th 2021
Despite popular belief, it was actually King Solomon from the Old Testament Bible and not the rock band The Byrds, from 1965, who first reminded us that there was a season for everything under heaven. I think this brings us so much hope with the season we are in today. This too shall pass. And just as crocuses push up through the snows of winter, we are reminded of our own resilience and that spring...a fresh new start...is just around the corner for each of us! Turn,
January 21st 2021
Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulty or the ability of a substance to spring back into shape. It can also mean toughness. This was a trait of the Greatest Generation who lived through the Spanish Flu pandemic, the Great Depression, and the Second World War. This week, we looked at what the Bible says about resilience and how we can cultivate that in our lives today.   You can watch this sermon through the YouTube livestream button