March 29th 2022
Do you ever wonder where lost things go?  A black hole?  A devious gnome?  The couch cushions?  I don’t know but we all know pain of losing something or someone dear to us and our joy when we find them.  This week, we step into Jesus’ parables of lost things.  A sheep, a coin, and a son.  It’s interesting to hear how God responds in the parables when each are found.  
March 21st 2022
Living as Jesus’ disciples requires us to bear fruit that is in keeping with his spirit.  But sometimes we are keenly aware that because of our sin, we do not.  Lent is a season during which we can solemnly reflect upon the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus and how he calls us to follow in his footsteps.  So now is the time to get our spiritual acts in order because none of us know when our appointed hour will come when we meet Jesus's face to face.
March 17th 2022
Have you ever been disappointed that what you created or planned didn’t turn out as hoped?  God has.  Before the great flood, humanity turned wicked on account of our own free will.  The Bible tells us that God was sorry that he created humanity and planned to wipe humans from the face of the earth and start over again.   Remorse is part of Lent, which is the forty days leading up to Easter when Christians solemnly reflect upon the
March 9th 2022
In today’s scripture, Jesus sends out his disciples into the places that he was about to go. Their mission?  To do what he had been doing among them. Heal the sick. Raise the dead. Make the lame walk. Restore sight to the blind. Afterwards, they were amazed at what they were able to do in Jesus’ name. In the same way, as Jesus’ followers, we are sent to do likewise. As we go, Jesus encourages us to look, ask, and then go…trustin
February 28th 2022
What do we do when people claim that God speaks to them directly?  Does God speak from heaven?  How do we know that it is actually God, not our psyches, or even something we ate earlier that day?  These are the questions we wrestle with today as we hear about Jesus’ transfiguration when God spoke to Peter, James, and John about Jesus and they were changed.  
February 23rd 2022
Jesus’ command to love our enemies is hard teaching.  In truth it is not for the faint hearted.  I would dare to say that we cannot do it without the strength and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  But imagine how this kind of sacrificial love could change the course of someone’s life or even between countries as we watch tensions rise between Russia, the Ukraine, and the NATO alliances.  
February 17th 2022
This week we celebrated LOVE on Valentine's Day.  As Tod Thayer, Executive Director of the Friends of the Carpenter, reminds us, love is something that the world desperately needs now.  But in the age of division, showing love can be hard.  So, it is also something that we need to be intentional about showing.  What Tod finds through his work with his homeless friends at the Friendship Center is that just sitting down with someone and doing a shared
February 7th 2022
When Jesus calls his followers, sometimes he asks us to do some pretty crazy things that go against our human reason.  For fishermen Peter, Andrew, James, and John, it was to leave everything from their fishing careers behind and follow Jesus wherever he went.  It just did not make sense.  The same is true today.  As we hear Jesus' call, we may need to trust and obey his word, because there is no other way to be happy in our lives with Jesus. &nb
February 3rd 2022
The Apostle Paul strongly urged the Galatians not to be burdened by some Jewish Christians who were preaching that true followers of Christ must be circumcised.  That restriction put a yoke on these new Christians that prevented them from living freely as Christ intends for us.  But our freedom is not some willy-nilly ability to do whatever we so choose.  No!  We are free to love, free to sacrifice, and free to be generous as God calls without the
January 25th 2022
The beginning of Jesus’ preaching ministry got off to an explosive start.  People loved what he had to say, except when it came to the people in his hometown.  Jesus knew their hearts and shared some difficult truths about how they were excluding some in their midst from the kingdom of heaven.  So, he was rejected.   The thing about God’s prophets is that they often tell us what we need to hear, not necessarily what we want to hear. &nb