February 5th 2020
Everyone has a worldview. In other words, what sort of lens do we look at the world around us? This past summer, several of our youth attended a Christian Worldview Academy that helped them foster a Biblical Worldview. These students discussed how scripture addresses our contemporary cultural issues and were trained to engage the community in conversation regarding them. What they found was that even though people may not have agreed with their biblical approach,
January 30th 2020
When Jesus said “I am the vine and you are the branches,” a whole host of images and scriptures would have come to mind. Both the Psalmist David and many Prophets referred to Israel becoming a wild vine that had strayed off course from God’s intentions. When Jesus said I am the TRUE vine, he claimed to be the vine that would bring the wild vine back on course with God’s plans. As branches of that vine, we are to remain connected to Jesus and when
January 23rd 2020
When Jesus makes the claim, “I AM,” he puts himself on equal footing with God the Father as Creator and Sustainer of all things. This is what got him into so much trouble with the religious leaders and teachers of the law in his day. It’s a statement of self proclamation that requires no justification from the rest of us. Jesus just was, is, and always will be. Him saying this also forces us to wrestle with who we say that Jesus is. Either his is or he isn&rsqu
January 14th 2020
At Jesus’ baptism, God the Father speaks very important words over Jesus. “This is my son, whom I love and with him I am well pleased.” Words that each of us long to hear from our own parents and our Heavenly Father. These words anchor our souls when tempted by the enemy, when the storms of life blow against us, and when our critics disagree with how we lead or how we live our lives. What words do we hear today?
January 7th 2020
Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app developed in 2011 by a group of Stanford students. Users can post short videos, pictures, and messages to other users that last for a 24 hour period before they vanish. Kind of the like the Magi, or Wisemen, who came to Jerusalem seeking the one born King of the Jews. Kind Herod was disturbed. The Chief Priests and Teachers of the Law were clueless. And the Magi had childlike faith in their search a
December 31st 2019
Today we stand not only at the beginning of a New Year, but on the cusp of a new decade. The Roaring 20’s are back! We love new things. New cars. New babies. New jobs. But do we remember when we first experienced this newness in our relationships with God? The Lord is the Giver and Doer of all things, new things most especially. The Prophet Isaiah says, “Look, I am about to do something new.” If this is indeed true for 2020, will we be ready to re
December 26th 2019
Twitter is a handy tool to immediately get word out in our social media crazed world.   We’ve certainly seen it’s uses and abuses in our day. But imagine if Jesus were born today! What Tweets might have been posted by the Angels and Shepherds that night? What Tweets would God have wanted planted in our hearts and minds? Whatever they would have been, we can sure that these Tweets would have been reTweeted for the rest of the world to hear.
December 18th 2019
Instagram is a great way to stay connected to people. The problem lies when it becomes a tool whereby we compare our lives with theirs. Over indulging in Instagram can consume hours of time and create depression, anxiety, and the fear of missing out when we are not included. This week Scripture, like Instagram, provides a fascinating window into Mary’s life as a young teenage girl who was told that she would give birth to the expected Messiah. This call
December 10th 2019
Some of us might be thinking, what a strange title for an advent sermon! Indeed! But just imagine how young Joseph might have been subject to such torment if he lived today. Imagine the barrage of text messages or emails he might have received from well meaning family and friends pressuring him to get rid of his fiancé once she was found to be pregnant with a child that wasn’t his own. Today’s technology makes it so easy for us to abuse power in
December 2nd 2019
Comparison is the thief of joy! Unfortunately, too many of us compare our lives with the posts of other people on Facebook. And this time of year, it can be especially hard if our holidays are not as joyful, our family gatherings not as happy, our homes not as beautifully decorated, or our vacations not as fancy. It can be easy to become depressed by all these comparisons as opposed to embracing the good gifts God has given to us. Today as we begin our Adv