November 7th 2023
The Old Testament of the Bible contains all sorts of stories of God speaking through various means such as burning bushes, donkeys, and graffiti written on walls. Another such story is of young Samuel who heard God’s voice for the first time as he was serving as a priestly assistant in the temple. Samuel's story highlights how we often hear God’s voice through various means in the Church today. 
October 23rd 2023
In the Gospels alone there are fifty-one references to angels who bring God’s word to people.  In fact, throughout the Bible there are multiples stories of people who heard God speak through certain dreams, visions, angels, or the unconscious.  While our modern minds tend to discount these voices, the truth is that God spoke of a day when he would pour out dreams, visions, and special prophecy to all people. &n
October 16th 2023
Jesus’ world must have been full of a lot of noise and people constantly vying for his attention. No wonder, he often went away to lonely places for silence, solitude, and Sabbath where he could hear the small quiet voice of God the Father. Elijah the Prophet thought it would come during the big moments in life. But instead, it came when he had stilled himself enough to be able to hear God speak in the silence. 
October 11th 2023
Each Sunday during worship, I am so grateful for member Bill Gibson who reminds us during the prayers of the people to pray for world peace.  As we have seen throughout the war in the Ukraine with Russia and now most recently with what is unfolding in Israel, that peace is fragile.  Just when it seems that all is well, something evil happens to destroy that peace.  In this season leading up to Advent, we are reminded that Jesus is our Prince of Pe
October 3rd 2023
Ever since the beginning of time, God has desired to communicate with us through prayer. Jesus said, “seek and you will find, ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened to you.”  He also said that we often don’t receive because we don’t ask. This is not to say that God is some cosmic vending machine who gives us everything we want. But it does indicate that if we align our hearts to
September 25th 2023
Scripture is God’s Word to us in written form. Pete Greig in his book, How to Hear God, A Simple Guide for Normal People, encourages us to read the Bible with both our heads, intellectually, and our hearts, emotionally. And when we do so, that we should expect to have a personal encounter with the living Lord Jesus Christ. What if we all approached each time we opened the Bible with that sort of expectancy? How
September 21st 2023
The Apostle Paul told the Colossians that "Jesus is the image of the invisible God."  In other words, what we hear, see, or learn from Jesus in the Gospels, we are actually hearing from God. This week, we learn about Paul’s radical conversion and how he encountered Jesus directly on his way to persecute followers of Jesus called The Way. One way we can authentic whether or not what we are hearing from God is true, is by checking it with wh
September 11th 2023
Have you ever had someone say something of the sorts, “God told me that…” and then they proceeded to tell you what you should do next in life? How can we be sure they were actually hearing from God and not simply making something up in their heads? This is what we turn our attentions to this Fall as we focus on Pastor and Author Pete Greig’ book, How to Hear God:  A Simple Guide for Normal People. Go
September 5th 2023
In today’s scripture, Jesus reminds his disciple and us that love is the way of God, not hate.  It was this sort of sacrificial love that left such an indelible imprint upon the pagan world that it attracted non-believers toward the way of Jesus.  And today our world is desperately needing this same kind of witness, especially as we love those with whom we disagree.  
August 28th 2023
One look at the world news and one immediately notices that there is great suffering throughout the world.  So much so that it can be overwhelming to know how we as a people of God and followers of Jesus Christ ought to respond.  The Prophet Isaiah reminds us that we are “engraved” on God’s hand.  Literally etched onto them, as a promise that God does not forget us in our suffering and promises to be with us.  That is Good