May 14th 2019
Acts2:42-47 describes how the early church was dedicated to four simple things…The Apostles’ Teaching, Sharing Meals together, Fellowship, and Prayer. This created a spiritually charged environment where many wondrous and miraculous events occurred. And people flocked in groves to be part of such a gathering. At Cascades we too are dedicated to these four things. It’s what makes our community of faith such a tremendous blessing to those bot
May 7th 2019
Mealtimes are always with Jesus. He welcomes, includes, feeds, strengthens, forgives, restores, and calls us to join him in future mission. Likewise, our mealtimes together should reflect the same actions. When we do, we realize that the risen Lord is alive and well among us.
April 29th 2019
Do you ever feel like you miss out on Jesus because we are always looking for him in grandiose ways? The truth is that Jesus is with us in all seasons in life but most especially in the ordinary and the mundane. The first Easter afternoon, several of Jesus disciples encountered him as they walked and talked along the way, but they never realized it was him. It wasn’t until they sat down and shared a meal together that their eyes were open, and they saw the resurre
April 22nd 2019
People respond differently to the news that Jesus has risen from the dead. Some of us struggle with our need for facts in order to prove that it actually happened. Some of us are so stuck in our grief that we cannot see Jesus in our midst. And yet some of us simply believe. All three are present in the story of Jesus’ resurrection that first Easter morning. Regardless of who we represent, we cannot deny the truth that Jesus has risen from the dead and has b
April 17th 2019
Oftentimes on Palm Sunday we focus on the joyful celebration of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. But if we pay attention to the text in Luke, it gives us a window in Jesus’ heart at the moment. Jesus was deeply disappointed…perhaps in himself, in his ministry, in others, in creation, and in God the Father’s abandonment of him. Every human experiences disappointment in life and it's important for us to pay attention to
April 2nd 2019
Unrealistic expectations that we place upon ourselves or others can kill the spirit of any good natured party. In our scripture story today, we encounter Martha and her sister Mary. Martha served, while Mary sat at Jesus’ feet, feasting on his every word. And Martha’s attitude turns sour toward her sister. Jesus encourages us to keep our focus on him and our expectations simple as we serve others. As we live within Jesus’ expectations for us, we will
March 25th 2019
In our tradition, we believe that God is constantly at work around us, inviting us to join in. Sometimes that invitation comes as a party with friends, sometimes it is to have lunch with an elementary school student who could use a positive adult role model, sometimes it is to travel overseas to serve the poor. Regardless, when we accept that invitation, the kingdom of heaven bursts out before us. But one thing is true about the invitation…while everyo
March 21st 2019
Sometimes Jesus asks us to step into impossible situations with limited resources and experience.  That certainly was the case when our mission team went to San Pedro Sula, Honduras to minister with New Hope Opportunities.  New Hope Opportunites is a school and community center that ministers to the poorest of the poor in one of the mos
March 14th 2019
Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure attending a few wedding receptions.  Guest lists are painstakingly created.  The menu is carefully selected.  And a chart seats the most important folks closest to the bride and groom.  All very typic
March 5th 2019
Enculturation is the process of becoming so in tune with one’s culture that we act without asking questions why, what, or how much.  As American’s we’ve become captives of a consumerist culture that lulls us to eat more than we should and not what we should.  Indeed, many of us Supe