May 11th 2020
“Still Waiting” I am a doer, not a waiter.  I don’t like waiting for anything, and especially when I’ve got something exciting to do or good news to share.  I want to get out there and let the world know.  No doubt the disciples were the same when they knew that Jesus was alive again.  They wanted to get out and tell the world about it.  But Jesus came to them, and said, “Just wait a littl
April 29th 2020
“Sheltered in Place” Did you ever think that Jesus’ apostles huddled away in fear, the Apostle Paul's imprisonment in Rome, and our time being sheltered in place due to the COVID-19 virus might have anything in common?  The truth is that God works mightily when we are stuck in our current circumstance.  Not only is God at work, but God provides us a way through it.     
April 23rd 2020
“Believing is Seeing” Blind tenor, Andrea Bocelli’s concert Hope for the World on Easter Sunday had a huge impact on me.  Here was a man blind since age 12 singing Amazing Grace before a seeing world “Twas blind but now I see.”  As we find in scripture and through Bocelli’s song, seeing spiritually has more to do with the eyes of our heart than the eyes in our heads.  Throughout this COVID-19 pand
April 16th 2020
“He is Risen…and SO SHALL WE!” The Easter story tells us that while it was still dark, God was working furiously to raise Jesus from the dead.  This gives us hope that even while we experience darkness in our own lives that God is working furiously in ways that we have no idea.  Because of this Jesus' resurrection allows us to live without fear and to experience resurrection in our lives, right here, right now.  Not
April 6th 2020
“Let Go, and Let God!” God’s ways are always good, even if they aren’t always understandable.  There are many examples in the bible where faithful people did not receive what was promised, because God had something better in mind.  In these days of the coronavirus pandemic, it is hard to plan anything and sometimes we need to let go of our plans and trust that God will work everything out for our good.  We need to &ldq
March 23rd 2020
“Beauty from Ashes” Our God is a God of mercy and grace.  And the Bible is full of awesome reminders that God is for us and with us.  During this momentary trouble of the COVID-19 coronavirus, it is important for us to remember just how precious we are to God.  Jesus promises that he will never leave us, nor forsake us.  In fact, one of God’s best work in adversity is recreating beauty from ashes.    
March 16th 2020
“I AM the Resurrection and the Life” These words of Jesus bring hope and life when we feel dry, hopeless, and dead.  Not only do they tell us that there is more life beyond the grave, but they also encourage us to live our best lives now.  In this season of great uncertainty with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we need to feast off Jesus' words when we are fearful, panic-stricken, and full of despair.  My f
March 9th 2020
To the Jews in Jesus’ day, these words were as earth shattering then as they are today! The temple worship process made it extremely difficult for the ordinary lay person to have a life changing encounter with the living God. Jesus, in making this statement, leveled every man-made barrier that has hindered people from coming to God and developing a relationship of trust with our Heavenly Father. It was invitation for all people to enter into th
March 2nd 2020
When Jesus said “I AM the Bread of Life,” his teaching was so hard that many of his disciples turned away and stopped following him. What I think they missed was the spiritual meaning of what he was really saying. As we feast on Jesus, his life, his teaching, his way of being, and believing, we take him in spiritually, become one with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and Jesus becomes part of us. These are words that are full of life, that if we co
February 25th 2020
One of the many I AM statements that Jesus makes about himself is “I AM the door to the Sheep Pen.” What a strange thing to say about oneself! Right? Well for Israel, this statement would have been packed full of meaning. As the Good Shepherd, Jesus stands at the gate of the sheep pen to call his sheep both into the pen for safety, rest, and renewal, and out of it in order to experience life and life to the full!