Triumphal Entry

Jesus’ final entry into Jerusalem was like none other. Unlike past war hero and political activists, he chose not to display his power and might by riding in on a war stallion, but his humility and gentleness by riding in on a donkey. For someone who had healed the sick, made the lame walk, calmed stormy seas, fed thousands from almost nothing, and raised the dead to life, this was not what the people wanted nor expected. No! They wanted a victor to triumphantly ride into town, kick the Romans out of their holy city, and restore life to the way they once knew. But Jesus came for so much more.

It is hard when Jesus does not act as we want, when our prayers for healing are not answered, or when dreams for the future are shattered. It can make us question God all together. But Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem was not about him meeting our wants, it was about giving us what we truly need…forgiveness for our sins and hope of life after death.