Do What We Can

Sometimes Jesus asks us to step into impossible situations with limited resources and experience.  That certainly was the case when our mission team went to San Pedro Sula, Honduras to minister with New Hope Opportunities.  New Hope Opportunites is a school and community center that ministers to the poorest of the poor in one of the most violent communities in the world.  We felt ill equipped, unprepared, and insufficient for the tasks at hand. 


But as when Jesus told his disciples to feed 5,000 people, he only asked his disciples “What do you have?”  Then he told them to take what they could, a meager five loaves and two fish, bless it, break it, and give it to the people.  Everyone ate and were satisfied with twelve basketfuls left over.  In the same way, Jesus invited us to take what we could to Honduras, to do what we could, and then trust that he would multiply our efforts to impact people’s lives for ever.