December 26th 2019
Twitter is a handy tool to immediately get word out in our social media crazed world.   We’ve certainly seen it’s uses and abuses in our day. But imagine if Jesus were born today! What Tweets might have been posted by the Angels and Shepherds that night? What Tweets would God have wanted planted in our hearts and minds? Whatever they would have been, we can sure that these Tweets would have been reTweeted for the rest of the world to hear.
December 18th 2019
Instagram is a great way to stay connected to people. The problem lies when it becomes a tool whereby we compare our lives with theirs. Over indulging in Instagram can consume hours of time and create depression, anxiety, and the fear of missing out when we are not included. This week Scripture, like Instagram, provides a fascinating window into Mary’s life as a young teenage girl who was told that she would give birth to the expected Messiah. This call
December 10th 2019
Some of us might be thinking, what a strange title for an advent sermon! Indeed! But just imagine how young Joseph might have been subject to such torment if he lived today. Imagine the barrage of text messages or emails he might have received from well meaning family and friends pressuring him to get rid of his fiancé once she was found to be pregnant with a child that wasn’t his own. Today’s technology makes it so easy for us to abuse power in
December 2nd 2019
Comparison is the thief of joy! Unfortunately, too many of us compare our lives with the posts of other people on Facebook. And this time of year, it can be especially hard if our holidays are not as joyful, our family gatherings not as happy, our homes not as beautifully decorated, or our vacations not as fancy. It can be easy to become depressed by all these comparisons as opposed to embracing the good gifts God has given to us. Today as we begin our Adv
November 25th 2019
As we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday, I am reminded just how deeply grateful to God I am for my wife, my children, my family, our community, our church family, and our country. We are blessed with freedoms that often are taken for granted. The Apostle Paul reminds us in his letter to the Colossians that “whatever we do, whether in word or in deed, do it all in the name the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” This week let us giv
November 18th 2019
Have you ever had a prayer that seemed to go unanswered and you wondered, “Does God even listen to us?” Sisters, Martha and Mary prayed fervently for Jesus to heal their sick brother and yet he ended up dying. I’m sure they had all kinds of questions for Jesus’ lack of response to the cries of their hearts. But sometimes God’s answers to our prayers achieve greater, more eternal purposes in order to bring others to faith
November 12th 2019
Our triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is so generous in the way God provides for what we need. I have found that even when our resources are less than hoped, it's amazing how we always have more than what we need so that we can share with those who have even less. As we share, we live into the God given generosity that has been imprinted on every human heart. So, in this season of gratitude, may we truly sing “Praise God from whom all bless
November 7th 2019
In this season of gratitude, I’d like to say thank you to our all our uniformed men and women and their families who make such huge sacrifices on our behalf. As Americans, without these special people, we would not enjoy the many freedoms that we have. Their selflessness of always putting others first models the example of Jesus Christ and blesses us more than we could possibly put in words. So please take a moment this week to verbally express your grateful
October 30th 2019
Zacchaeus was not only physically short, but also short in character.  As chief tax collector he was known for taking more than his share from his fellow people and he was despised by all.  So it’s no surprise that he hid in a tree so he could see Jesus when came to town.  But Jesus not only calls him out of hiding, he also calls out the God given image of generosity that had been imprinted upon Zacchaeus' soul.   Like a stone thrown int
October 21st 2019
The Prophet Daniel describes the Babylonian government as full of division, posturing, jealousy, covetousness, corruption, deceitfulness, and distrust…in other words much like how I imagine our nation’s government operates today. But Jesus, through his Sermon on the Mount, paints a much different picture of what is possible. One of hope, of unity, of peace, and of love. If we would just humble ourselves, confess our sinfulness to God, and turn toward H