September 23rd 2019
Last week we talked about the emotion of gratitude and how hard it is to be grateful when we are grieving. But if gratitude is an emotion, it is also an ethic or something we can do. Today we suggest a few gratitude practices that if we do, over a period of time, will become habits that could change the way we live and view the world around us. My hope is that they will spark ideas that we can then import into our own homes so that we can express gratitude in our
September 17th 2019
I will confess that it’s been a hard season of ministry. There have been several people that I loved who have died recently. Some were expected, but some unexpected. Truth be told, as I deal with my grief, I find that I am a bit grumpy that my days with these folks were cut far too short. And when a heart is grieving or grumpy, it can be a challenge if not impossible to feel grateful. And yet Psalm 34 exhorts us to Praise the Lord at all times. Bu
September 11th 2019
Research shows that 94% of Americans feel grateful for the lives we live and yet less than 50% of us ever express that gratitude to others. Why is that? Luke tells the story of ten lepers who were healed by Jesus but only one of them ever returned to say “Thank You” to him. Why is that? Scripture calls us to be grateful in all things, at all times. Our fall sermon series, Gratitude” will focus on what happens when we reframe the way we look at peopl
September 4th 2019
Psalm 150 reminds us that we are to worship the Lord from the beginning of our life to our final breath. Did you know that when we gather for worship we are caught up in the ongoing worship taking place in heaven? So worship is less about our human biases and more about God and who God is. Worship can be as complex as a thousand voice choir or as simple as the very act of breathing. Both are gifts that can unleash our human worship of the Triune Lord God, Father, Son,
August 29th 2019
The world tells us that our identity is often wrapped up in what we do. Our jobs. Our marriages. Our kids. Our health. But what do we do when those things give way and fail us? Psalm 46 reminds us that God alone is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. In those moments, we must find our true identity in our status as beloved Children of God. We are called to “Be Still and know that God is God and we don’t have to be.” Then
August 7th 2019
Psalm 23 is one of the most familiar and widely used of David’s psalms. Some of us memorized it as children in Sunday School. Oftentimes, we hear it at funerals. Psalm 23 speaks of life. It speaks of hope. It speaks of trust in the face of any uncertainty in life or death. It is confessional. It is contractual. It is personal. And it is deeply hopeful.
July 24th 2019
Throughout the Psalms, we are called to sing
July 15th 2019
The Psalms are beautiful in many ways, but Psalm 100 is especially meaningful. It is a psalm that invites us to worship God in his splendor, to give thanks for what he has done, and to acknowledge that God alone is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Psalm 100 instructs, guides, confronts, corrects, and inspires us in our lives, our politics, and our faith. As we look back on our past 40 years of ministry together, we remember just how good and faithful
July 9th 2019
The Psalms are so wonderful in that they give us permission to be brutally honest before God when we feel like we’ve been wronged or taken advantage of. In Psalm 94, David certainly experienced all of that. He certainly was not afraid to tell God how angry he was and how he wanted revenge upon his enemy. But David also understood that no matter how justified we may feel in wanting revenge, it doesn’t belong to us. God alone who knows all things is best to hand
July 1st 2019
Not only do the Psalms invite us to peer deep within our souls, but they also command us to look out and up to praise the Lord. Psalm 148 calls the earth, the cosmos, and us humans to worship the Lord in all his splendor. Today we visit the songs that each of these might sing and what it might sound like if we all praised God in unison. "Let everything that has breath (and doesn’t) Praise the Lord!"