October 22nd 2018
The Bible provides four key images that describe our connectedness as Christians…a building, a body, a family, and a vine.  Remaining connected to Jesus’ body is crucial for finding our place in the world.  The truth is that God never intended any of us to live in isolation but in communion with others.
October 9th 2018
One of the key indicators of a church that is living generously is one that practices hospitality.  As Jesus followers we are called to receive our friends, family, guests and strangers in the same way that we would receive Jesus himself.  The early church was a model of hospitality with four key pillars that held them up.
September 25th 2018
  Sometimes as new Christians, we mistakenly think that as Christ followers we are to be cookie cut images of one another.  But the truth is that God has created us each individually and diverse, arranging us in the Body of Christ just as he wanted.  We each have different ideas, gifts, cre
September 17th 2018
  Jesus told a story about a master who left his estate in care of three servants.  To one he gave about $7.8 million.  To another he gave $3 million.  And to another he gave $1.5 million.&nbs
September 10th 2018
Any believer in Jesus Christ understands how he generously and sacrificially gave of himself to save us all from sin.  On top of that, God has showered many blessings upon us.  But do you know that God doesn’t intend for us to consume all those blessings ourselves?  Indeed, God called Abra
August 27th 2018
  One of the last commands that Jesus gave his followers was to go out and make disciples of all people.  This is the last and true fruit that shows us to be Jesus’ disciples.  How we do that is not rocket science. 
August 21st 2018
  Jesus is clear...a good tree cannot produce bad fruit, neither can a bad tree produce good fruit.  By its fruit, the quality of tree will be known.  The same is true with our lives.  When we as Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit produces
August 6th 2018
Pruning seems so destructive to someone who isn’t familiar with why, how, or when we cut a plant back. Pruning stimulates new growth and fruit production.  In our lives, however, pruning can cause suffering, but then suffering produces perseverance, character, and
July 30th 2018
Psalm 119:11 says “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”  Jesus tells us that remaining in him involves having his words remain in us.  But how?  God has given us several gifts to help us plant his word in our hearts…the spoken Word of God, the
July 24th 2018
Our God dwells in life giving community, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  It's a community that loves and cares for each other, but also that shares this love with others outside the community.  Jesus prayed that this kind of others centered community would be indicative of his followers after his death.&nb