July 24th 2018
Our God dwells in life giving community, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  It's a community that loves and cares for each other, but also that shares this love with others outside the community.  Jesus prayed that this kind of others centered community would be indicative of his followers after his death.&nb
July 19th 2018
We’ve all got a song written on our hearts. That much is true whether it’s in tune with the world or with God. The Rev. Aleida Jernigan challenged us to make it one of adoration, praise, and glory to God through our Lord Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul did this, despite the fact that he did not have an easy life. What is your song?
July 5th 2018
  One thing of Jesus is certain…he never seems to be in a hurry.  Whether engaging a powerful religious leader who’s daughter lie dying or a woman sick with bleeding who stops him to share her whole story, Jesus moves with great intentionality and patience.