February 12th 2018
  Jesus often spoke in parables which were little stories that conveyed meaning about what something was like.  Today Jesus described the kingdom of heaven using a parable about a field of good wheat that was infested with noxious weeds.  In essence, Jesus pulled back the veil between heaven an
February 6th 2018
Have you ever had one of those moments in life when you think, “It just doesn’t get any better than this?”  For me it is usually a moment surrounded by family, friends, great food, laughter, and being away in the wilderness.  It’s a time when Jesus’ presence is so real that we could reach out and touch him
January 29th 2018
Last week we heard God’s pronouncement of pleasure at Jesus’ baptism and the start of Jesus’ public ministry.  This week we hear from Jesus himself at the culmination of all things in Revelation when he said, “Behold, I am making all things new!”  In other words, Jesus pushes the reset button and restores heaven and earth back to the way that God intended before the fall of humankind. So, what are we believers to do in the
January 23rd 2018
Now that we’ve settled back into the New Year after the holidays, it’s so refreshing to have a new start to things.  New things, new seasons of life, new opportunities for growth and adventure.  Jesus’ baptism marks a new beginning for him as well.  He leaves behind his old life as a simple carpenter and begins his new public life as a channel of God’s grace and healing…the one who ushers in the kingdom of heaven.  Bap
January 17th 2018
“Already, Not Yet!”  Now that the decorations have been put away and the kids are back to school, we are living in between the times of Christmas and Easter.  We are also living in between the times of Jesus’ resurrection and his return when he will restore everything that was broken.  Until that time, our world is a work in progress and God invites us to be part of that restorative work.  But have we ever considered that
January 9th 2018
We humans are always trying to predict the future by gathering facts in order to eliminate the risk of being wrong.  The Magi, or Wisemen, who came in search of "The One Born King of the Jews" were no different.  They studied the stars, Hebrew scriptures, and even interpreted dreams to find the exact time and place of the Messiah's birth.  It's only after they had gathered all their facts that they then took off on the four-month journ
January 2nd 2018
The celebrations of New Year's Eve are experienced around the world. Regardless of one's religion, culture, ethnicity, or age, we all look forward to leaving what is behind and striving toward what is ahead.  Jesus Christ offers us more than just a new life.  He offers us an abundant life; or life to the full.  Rev. Dr. Rob Hagan helps us understand that we can live the fullness of life whether in abundance or scarcity.
December 28th 2017
What a beautiful cantata the Cascades Choir performed on Christmas Eve morning! I appreciated their hard work over the many weeks this past fall. Thank you for helping us ring in Christ's birth with such style.  I missed however being able to celebrate with our church family at the Christmas Eve candle light service that night. While the snow was a beautiful surprise, the roads that afternoon became too slippery to ask people to drive
December 18th 2017
Zechariah and Mary had similar reactions of surprising pregnancies and yet God's response to each of them are different.  Zechariah's disbelieving questions result in his being unable to speak until his son John was born. Mary's innocent curiosity results in God's affirmation that what was happening within her was indeed an act of the Holy Spirit. So what could be at the heart of it all?  I think it has to do with the nature of our hearts to re
December 11th 2017
 Joseph, Jesus' earthly step father, was a man who was upright before God and others. When faced with the uncertain circumstances surrounding Jesus' birth, he did not bow down to fear.  Instead, through the Holy Spirit working in him, he was a model of selfless sacrifice when it clearly isn't in his best interests.  Joseph chose faithfulness and obedience as he took Mary as his wife and raised Jesus as his own child.  Imagine what h