June 30th 2020
Unprecedented has become the term to describe our times.  Our country has faced the storms of the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, Civil Rights riots, wars, divisive politics, and poor national leadership before but never together with a span of a few months.  One wave after another can seem to overwhelm us and capsize our boat…unless we have Jesus with us.  He calms the storms and gives us True Peace.
June 23rd 2020
As we continue looking at issues of race in the Church, we turn toward the Apostle John’s vision of the great diversity present in the kingdom of heaven. There will be people from all races, language, nationality living and worshipping together as one. But lest we are too heaven focused, Jesus also reminds us that we have some real work to bring heaven to earth, right here, right now. Imperfect as the Church may be today, we strive for greater inclusiveness be
June 18th 2020
There's no doubt that our nation is under great stress.  COVID-19 has stretched our skin so thin that the toxic issues of racial inequality and injustice brewing under the surface for so long have erupted and are causing us to take good hard looks at ourselves.  And what we are seeing isn’t pretty.   There is a story in the Gospel of John where Jesus meets a disabled man laying by the healing pool of Bethesda.  It w
June 11th 2020
Ours is a very uncertain world into which we are launching our high school and college graduates!  The diseases of coronavirus and racism remind us that we live in between times of Jesus’ resurrection and his return to restore all things to proper order.  While we long for that restoration, we also know that we cannot wait to bring God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  And the graduates of our newest Greatest Generati
May 28th 2020
In this season of COVID-19 we are all wanting to know and waiting for what’s next?  Will we move to Phase 2 and be able to begin some sort of public gathering again?  Or will we need to continue to wait just a little longer?   Jesus’ disciples wondered the same things after his resurrection.  What would God have us to do next?  Jesus told them soon they would receive power from on high when the Holy Spirit w
May 18th 2020
They say that marathon runners hit a wall at some point during their 26-mile race.  It’s that point when their whole body, mind, and strength says, “NOPE, we can go much further."  They must press on through the pain to win the prize for which they had spent months of training.  The same is true for us spiritually.  Challenges like this COVID-19 pandemic require us to push through the pain of being isolated for so long i
May 14th 2020
What a strange Mothers Day this was!  Many of us could
May 11th 2020
“Still Waiting” I am a doer, not a waiter.  I don’t like waiting for anything, and especially when I’ve got something exciting to do or good news to share.  I want to get out there and let the world know.  No doubt the disciples were the same when they knew that Jesus was alive again.  They wanted to get out and tell the world about it.  But Jesus came to them, and said, “Just wait a littl
April 29th 2020
“Sheltered in Place” Did you ever think that Jesus’ apostles huddled away in fear, the Apostle Paul's imprisonment in Rome, and our time being sheltered in place due to the COVID-19 virus might have anything in common?  The truth is that God works mightily when we are stuck in our current circumstance.  Not only is God at work, but God provides us a way through it.     
April 23rd 2020
“Believing is Seeing” Blind tenor, Andrea Bocelli’s concert Hope for the World on Easter Sunday had a huge impact on me.  Here was a man blind since age 12 singing Amazing Grace before a seeing world “Twas blind but now I see.”  As we find in scripture and through Bocelli’s song, seeing spiritually has more to do with the eyes of our heart than the eyes in our heads.  Throughout this COVID-19 pand