June 19th 2017
Fourth Century Theologian Augustine of Hippo said, “Christians should be an alleluia from head to foot!”  Indeed, celebration is a key theme in our Judeo-Christian Faith. 
June 15th 2017
Being a teenager and exploring faith isn’t always easy, especially in a day and age with so many conflicting messages about faith, identity, and purpose.  Throw in the uncertainty of world events with strife among religions and one can see why sometimes our young people question
June 5th 2017
two packages of Alka Seltzer (one opened and one sealed) and drop one of each into a glass of water, one becomes filled with its healing power while the other does not.   Both contain the same Alka Seltzer but only one receives its power.  Why?
May 29th 2017
Memorial Day is one of the important American Holiday’s where we remember the brave men and women who died for the freedoms we enjoy.  Around the country there are monuments which remind us of this bravery and freedom.
May 22nd 2017
When Jesus was taken up to heaven at the ascension, he left behind instructions for his followers.  "Don’t go or do anything until you receive power of the Holy Spirit. 
May 15th 2017
  Mothering and Shepherding have a lot in common such as feeding, nurturing, and caring for their young.   As Jesus reinstates Peter’s discipleship after denying Jesus three times, Jesus charges Peter to care for Jesu
May 8th 2017
What do we do when we find ourselves in situations that we don’t know what to do or how to act?  Sadly, we often fall back up on our own expertise and experience instead of waiting for the Spirit of God to give us the wisdom and insight as to what to do next.
May 1st 2017
“Jesus Appears to Thomas”   I love that Jesus has room in his inner circle of friends for a guy named Thomas.
April 24th 2017
When Jesus first appears to his disciples after his resurrection, they are hulled up, locked away with the fear that they might be associated with this resurrected Jesus.  So after extending them his peace and showing them his hands and side, Jesus sends them out to share th
April 17th 2017
I know this may sound like a strange title to an Easter Sermon. Not only did Jesus conquer the grave and give us the hope of everlasting life when we die, but he offers us hope of new life right here, right now.  That first Sunday morning at Jesus’ tomb,