June 19th 2018
Knowing who we are in Christ is probably the most important thing we can establish in life.  The world is always going to try to conform us to it’s image and define us by what we do.  But God doesn’t define us by what we do or don’t do.  God loves us as his children unconditiona
June 11th 2018
This time of year, roses are bursting out in bloom in the Pacific Northwest.  With the combination of climate, good pruning, and ample feeding, the branches of a rose bush can produce incredible fruit.  But once you cut those branches off, the life force that once flowed through the branches can no longer produce the kind of blossoms it was int
June 5th 2018
  The coming of the Kingdom of Heaven is Good News!  When Jesus returns to judge the living and the dead, he will restore what was broken, misused, or abused.  And he will finally destroy the forces of evil once and for all that create so much havoc in our world.
May 31st 2018
On Memorial Day we remember the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for our American freedoms.  These folks did not die in vain but freely gave their lives so that we could experience a better life.  In the same way, Hebrews 11 talks about faithful men and women who strived for something they felt God called them
May 22nd 2018
Frankly to me the image that some may have of heaven seems quite boring.  Clouds, robes, harps, singing for hours, days on end for eternity.  Scripture, however, paints a more colorful picture.  We will live in cultural rich cities with people from all nations. We will build our own houses.
May 15th 2018
Both Jesus and the Apostle Paul encourage us that how we live our lives on earth matters in the sense of how we experience eternity.  If we are generous in this life, we will receive generously.  If we are stingy, we will be left out of our coming reward.  Though we can’t earn God’s
May 7th 2018
Clive Rainey, Habitat for Humanity’s first volunteer, shared an important message with us this week. The mission of helping others to build safe and sustainable housing is not just about swinging a hammer. It is about breaking down all barriers of today’s society to come together and help one another create homes, become friends and neighbors, as well as grow in
April 30th 2018
  Jesus tells a story about a rich man and poor man who both die but whose eternal rewards are reversed.  It’s a sobering story for those of us who live in the first world.  But Jesus’ beef isn’t with our wealth.  It’s how we choose to use
April 23rd 2018
  We talk about going to heaven when we die but very little about the resurrection.  The Apostle Paul is very clear in his Letter to the Corinthians that believing in the day when Jesus will return to restore all things and bring the dead back to life is the very bedrock of our faith.
April 17th 2018
When Jesus returns he will push the reset button on all that is seen and unseen and they will be restored to the way God intended from the very beginning of time.  There will be no more sorrow, or pain, or dying for the broken way of our world will have passed away.  The Bible says that creation eagerly awaits this restoration like