April 17th 2018
When Jesus returns he will push the reset button on all that is seen and unseen and they will be restored to the way God intended from the very beginning of time.  There will be no more sorrow, or pain, or dying for the broken way of our world will have passed away.  The Bible says that creation eagerly awaits this restoration like
April 9th 2018
Jesus didn’t have a marketing plan per se to build his church.  Instead he charged his followers to go and make disciples of all people.  The means through which they would do this was simply by sharing the stories of how God had changed their lives through Jesus Christ.  That charge i
April 3rd 2018
The Easter Story proves that our God has a sense of humor.  On this first day of April, we play harmless practical jokes on one another to make us laugh at ourselves.  But on Easter Sunday, God plays the ultimate practical joke on Satan who had thought that he had conquered God’s plan of salvation once and for all.
March 26th 2018
Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem his last time was full of hopes, dreams, and expectations.  “Hosanna,” God’s people cried.  "Save us!”  They had expected that their Messiah would rescue them from Roman oppression and restore Israel
March 19th 2018
Jesus tells a parable of ten bridesmaids who had lamps.  The lamps were to be used for when the bridegroom arrived to escort them to the wedding party.  Since they didn’t know the time when he would come, they would use the lamps to see through the darkness of night.  Five were prepared wit
March 12th 2018
When attending a wedding, it is important to pay attention to the required dress code.  Formal.  Business casual.  Informal.  I’ve been to them all.  Coul
March 5th 2018
  Jesus described the kingdom of heaven as people who were “All In” when it came to discovering treasures or fine pearls.  Once they found what they were looking for, they sold all that they had to make sure they kept the treasure that they had found.  Are we that all in with regards to our pursuit o
February 27th 2018
  Jesus described the kingdom of heaven as small things like mustard seeds and yeast that have big impacts.  When planted in the ground or worked throughout a batch of dough, it causes new life to spring up.  We may not think that what we do for God’s kingdom is significant, but God takes
February 20th 2018
“Salt Shakers and Lamp Stands”   Jesus told his disciples “You are the salt of the earth.  You are the light
February 12th 2018
  Jesus often spoke in parables which were little stories that conveyed meaning about what something was like.  Today Jesus described the kingdom of heaven using a parable about a field of good wheat that was infested with noxious weeds.  In essence, Jesus pulled back the veil between heaven an