Still Waiting

“Still Waiting”

I am a doer, not a waiter.  I don’t like waiting for anything, and especially when I’ve got something exciting to do or good news to share.  I want to get out there and let the world know.  No doubt the disciples were the same when they knew that Jesus was alive again.  They wanted to get out and tell the world about it.  But Jesus came to them, and said, “Just wait a little bit longer.”  I can just imagine the air being let out of their balloons!

We’ve all been waiting through this COVID-19 pandemic.  And just when we thought it would be time to resume life as normal, we are being told, “Just wait a little bit longer.”  Oh boy!  But our waiting doesn’t have to be stagnant and unproductive.  It is also place where God does some extraordinary new stuff in us to make us even stronger than ever.  We can learn to wait well!

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This Sunday's worship service is titled “Fellowship with God during Lockdown” by guest preacher Dr. Geordie Ziegler.  Geordie encourages us that the fellowship that exists with the Trinity is available to us regardless of where we might be.   So, grab your coffee, your favorite comfy chair, and get ready to celebrate our Risen Lord together with glad and sincere hearts!  

Come, Be Fed, Be Sent!
Rev. Dr. Chris Montovino