Fellowship With God During Lockdown

What a strange Mothers Day this was!  Many of us couldn’t spend the day with our mothers even if we wanted to.  Either distance or the COVID-19 pandemic separated us from them.  My good friend Dr. Geordie Ziegler shared how his own mother couldn’t be with any of her kids because of the lockdown experienced while in assisted living.  He likened how sometimes we feel this same sort of isolation in our relationships with God.  And yet God longingly invites us into the intimate relationship shared between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  So even despite the lockdown, we can have fellowship with God and one another.  

You can listen to last week's entire service (40 minutes) by clicking on http://www.caspres.org/media and looking for “Fellowship with God during Lockdown."  If you'd like to sing along, the weekly worship bulletins are located at http://www.caspres.org/weeklysundaybulletins.  And for online giving, please go to http://www.caspres.org/giving.

This Sunday's worship service is titled “Pressing On.” We consider the challenges the Apostle Paul faced during his time of social isolation that led him to encourage the people in Philippi to press on through their adversity as well.    So, grab your coffee, your favorite comfy chair, and get ready to celebrate our Risen Lord together with glad and sincere hearts!  

Come, Be Fed, Be Sent!
Rev. Dr. Chris Montovino