Eating What is Set Before You

At mealtimes when our kids were younger, we had a rule that they had to take a “No Thank You Bite.”  This was especially true while sharing meals at other people’s homes.  We had two reasons for this:  You never know when you might like what you try or if you didn’t like it, then at least you gave it a shot and could politely say “No Thank You” to more.  

Jesus encouraged his disciples to eat what was set before them when they were sent out to the homes that he was about to visit.  Jesus knew that receiving the gifts from their hosts would be a way for them to experience the Kingdom of Heaven that was breaking into their midst. 


Yesterday we shared this video from 2017 that was created to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and to get Canadians to eat together more.  They were encouraged to put down their phones, turn off the TV, and sit down to share a meal.  When we eat together, good things happen.  We share a bit of our lives.  We talk, we laugh, and we share the foods that we love.  We get a little closer.  As Jesus would have put it…The Kingdom of Heaven comes near!