Believing is Seeing

“Believing is Seeing”

Blind tenor, Andrea Bocelli’s concert Hope for the World on Easter Sunday had a huge impact on me.  Here was a man blind since age 12 singing Amazing Grace before a seeing world “Twas blind but now I see.”  As we find in scripture and through Bocelli’s song, seeing spiritually has more to do with the eyes of our heart than the eyes in our heads.  Throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen countless ways that Jesus has been with us which encourages us for the days, weeks, and months that lie ahead.  

You can listen to last week's entire service (40 minutes) by clicking on and looking for “Believing is Seeing!"  If you'd like to sing along, the weekly worship bulletins are located at  And for online giving, please go to

This Sunday's worship service is titled “Sheltered in Place” which compares our current circumstance to the disciples' following Jesus’ resurrection and the Apostle Paul’s time of house arrest in Rome.  So, grab your coffee, your favorite comfy chair, and get ready to celebrate our Risen Lord together with glad and sincere hearts!  

Come, Be Fed, Be Sent!

Rev. Dr. Chris Montovino